Berlin is a workshop where chunks of life are conceived and repaired.
It is a laboratory of construction and development, replacement and recovery, where the hands get dirty in order to get back on the move. It is a place where the constant transformation of the urban landscape goes hand in hand with the inner transformation that every person goes through when moving elsewhere.
When you start the search, squares are blending in with questions, streets with certainties, corners with doubts and construction sites with aspirations. Werkstatt Berlin is the story of a search within the spaces of this metropolis, many searches cross over each other, converge and diverge, it tells us that this search that does not end when you reach your goal, it rather shatters to enter every crack, creek and breach where it collides and blends with other searches. In these gaps you can meet people from any country, gender and age.
Everyone has his own story to recover, a past to remember and a future to come to terms with. The own rhythm for living the transition from one to another. The own perspective about things, a unique way of being in the world and a weak point to protect and cultivate. They enjoy their ups and downs, fortune and misfortune, because in the end what really matters, is: never stop searching and live!
  • Leading Director
    Marco Zaccaria
  • Release Date
    8 October 2016 (DE)
  • Presented
  • Country
  • Language
    Italian with German subtitles
  • Screenplay by
    Marco Zaccaria, Giovanni Coscia, Enzo Lo Sasso, Martina Mollar, Giovanni Pannico, Axel Schumacher
  • Actors
    Lidia Cangiano, Federico Guzzardi, Carlo Loiudice, Michael Schwetasch, Giovanni Guccini, Anouk Tatum
  • Soundtracks by
    Dipnoi Fish
  • Credits
    Giovanni Coscia, Enzo Lo Sasso, Martina Mollar, Giovanni Pannico, Axel Schumacher, Claudia Murgia, Lilia Andreotti, Federico Guzzardi, Michael Schwetasch, Arianna Tocco, Maira Garcia, Roberta Chimera, Valentina Schumacher, Livia Giorgialongo


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  • 27 years old. Italian. Studying for a master.
    She takes things seriously and carries them out with commitment. She feels somehow restrained and when she decides to launch into something, she’s a bit worried. As if she had always to ask for permission to be herself. Unconsciously, she always seeks confirmation to shake off the fear, moderation and deference she has about things.
    She is Gianni’s friend, she admires his sense of freedom, his thinking and intellect, which are the same things that piss her off.

  • 35 years old. Italian. Freedom of thought, heedless and smart, often polemical with right. Ironic and sarcastic. Tries to shake off certainties and bourgeois mentality, which he can’t stand. He’s only committed to what he likes and to what he considers important. Otherwise, he’s just an hedonist, as much as his finances allow him to do so. His defect is to think that everybody can have noble and correct thinking. For this reason, in the end he loves people. Then, he notices that not everybody can have noble and correct thinking and for this reason, in the end he hates people.

  • 30 years or older. From Eastern Europe. Lives on the edge. Steals, recycles and deals. He’s a good bloke, but the places, people and situations he lives with, force him to be hard.
    He’s got surprising interests, for a person like him, this is why he keeps them secret: he likes reading blogs, visiting street markets and porcelain. He likes men.

  • 45 years old. German. Very cultured and of refined thinking. He has studied arts and classics. Perfectly fluent in four languages, for the simple reason that he doesn’t conceive the fact of not being able to express himself perfectly also in other languages.
    He lives in his family’s house. This is very convenient for him, but also frustrating, because it doesn’t allow him to live his life to its full extent. He teaches German to foreigners. He never confessed anyone that he is gay.

  • He is Vlado’s aide, recently arrived in Berlin. Listless and a little lost, he’s chosen a life that doesn’t always suit him, with the illusion that he found a shortcut.

  • German. Free-lance photographer. Artistic mind, somewhat naive, very sensual. She teaches photography to Italian students. She’s looking for something, because she’s interested in searching, not finding.


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