Pixel Perfection • Digital • UI/UX Design
I am
Federico Guzzardi
, a digital creative focused on visual and web design.
UI/UX Design & Coding
Web sites must be highly strategic, detail-oriented, organized and process-focused. That's the good mix to get a fully compatible product and a beautiful UI, using the most performant code.
Responsive Design
The continuous evolution of digital devices has completely transformed the way consumers use them. Responsive development will help make your website easily accessible across all devices, giving an optimal user experience.
3D Modeling & Rendering
High quality 3D render will bring your design vision at its fullest through the use of compelling images, making your project professional by using high resolution images combined together with my focus on details.
Motion & Animation
Logo animations, abstract and visual effects for video and animation. Working on my projects also in post-production, I can set the best animation you need.
Flows of Color
Short animation of colored flows, animated in dark space, which lighting up the scene with their own brightness.
Modeling | Animation | Post-editing
Cubes Attack
Explosion of a cubes vortex with text animation. The white background and lighting give to cubes a nice effect of reflections and shadows.
Modeling | Animation | Post-editing
Short MetaBall animation which explodes and reassembles itself continuously, showing itself as a thick liquid.
Modeling | Animation | Post-editing
Lancia Fulvia 3 Monte-Carlo
An historic rally car of the 70s preserved in excellent condition which, even today, would be ready to race again.
Film | Video-editing | Post-production
I firmly believe that good design should tell a great story.
Interested in working together?
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