About me
My name is Benji Bianco and I am a full-time photographer. I consider photography as a portrait of light and I was always fascinated by the way to make it as expressive as possible. My training started earning a degree in photography at the University of Berlin and began working as a photographer's assistant for many professional photographers. This allowed me to understand different creative processes which are used to create a high quality and prominence image. I am currently involved in more creative projects ranging between architecture, nature, portrait.
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This kind of photography deals with the structure of a building. My goal is to accurately reproduce a whole building so aesthetically appealing.
The untamed beauty of Mother Nature is a constant source of satisfaction for many in the modern word. My goal is to capture every scenery, creating harmony between light, shadows and nature.
Portrait isn't just a picture with a person in it. I think that a portrait should reveal the soul of a person or the essence of a subject, otherwise it's not a portrait.
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